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Arts Center Foundation: No 'current plans' for move


The Arkansas Arts Center Foundation, which owns the collection at the Arkansas Arts Center, issued a brief statement this evening prompted by our reporting about talks of moving the arts center to North Little Rock that says there are no "current plans" to move the collection from the museum in MacArthur Park.

But the note from Robert W. Tucker, the Foundation chair, said the existing museum is in need of "significant renovation" and more space for the collection and the Foundation is "in the very early stages of examining options for ensuring the preservation and growth of that collection."

It said the Foundation had talked with both Little Rock and North Little Rock leaders about potential improvements.

My earlier reporting said much the same in confirming that overtures had been made to North Little Rock and it is farther along with specific ideas about combining city tax money with a private Stephens family contribution to a major development downtown. Little Rock has not been so specific. And its leaders have said the talks with North Little Rock had caught them by surprise.

My sources have also said that no deal is done and nothing is likely to go forward until more is known about a public opinion survey gauging North Little Rock on its support for a sales tax increase to pay in part for the project.

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