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Life and death in the House


The House today passed the bill to prohibit allowing doctors to supervise by television a woman taking a pill that could lead to a miscarriage in the first nine weeks of pregnancy. The practice is not being done in Arkansas now, but you never know if someone might try and bring comprehensive medicine to rural areas by telemedicine. The vote was 83-4, with seven not voting and six voting present.

It was described as a "pro-life bill."

On the other side of the ledger, the House voted 95-0 for a bill to allow a family member of a victim of a capital crime to witness an execution of the person convicted of the crime. It also allows relatives and surviving victims of the crime to watch on closed circuit TV. It prohibits making a recording, audio or video of the execution.

I'd presume this is evidence of a lack of interest in ending the death penalty in Arkansas.

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