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The Big Swill: Hot Springs entertainment or pizza and prayer


Lobbying activities step up this week as the legislature gets down to real business after the usual slow preliminaries. There'll be plenty of free food and drink this week from lobbies, despite Amendment 94's ban on gifts to legislators.

Today's lineup:

* SPA ENTERTAINMENT: War Memorial Stadium, 6-8 p.m., a reception by the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Ah, fond memories. As a cub reporter in 1973 or so, I was sent to the Davy Crockett room at the Alamo Plaza motel for the annual Hot Springs welcome to legislators. Ladies who took off their clothes were rumored to be on the agenda.  I was dispatched to confirm. Photographer John Partipilo got a particularly memorable shot of a legislator doffing the cape of a buxom lass. The picture didn't see print in the family-friendly Arkansas Gazette. A short story did. Legislators were NOT happy. But that was long ago. Hot Springs is better known now for its art galleries and revived bathhouses.

* PIZZA AND PRAYER: House Room 19, in Capitol basement; 6-7:30 p.m., a "pizza, prayer and devotional event" by the Capitol Commission. This is a national religious group with this aim:

The Capitol Commission, in partnership with the church, is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ and promoting the Biblical mandate to pray for those in authority in the Capitol communities throughout the United States and around the world.

Jason Palermo is the state minister for Arkansas.

I'm guessing any ladies at this event will be modestly attired.

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