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Report: Funeral home to give up license under settlement proposal


Marci Manley of Fox 16/KARK reports today from the hearing of the state Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors of a proposed settlement of a case over Arkansas Funeral Care in Jacksonville, where bodies were found stacking up like cord wood.

She tweets that the settlement would include surrender of embalming licenses for the business and manager. In return, there'd be no prosecution.

An inspection found the business's cooler filled beyond capacity and unembalmed bodies outside the cooler, among other problems. 31 bodies were removed by the coroner and families were notified to make arrangements with other funeral homes.

Manley updates that the deal will include fines. She says families of the dead are talking a lawsuit.

UPDATE: Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley says the state board is no position to make a decison on whether or not charges would be filed.

There is an open investigation with the Jacksonville Police Department. I have been in touch with them and the coroner. If the criminal laws were violated we will act accordingly. The state board has no authority to deal away my responsibilities. Nor did I.

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