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UA Board gets Tyson contribution to eVersity; hears UAMS needs


Joann Coleman reports from the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees that the Tyson family and foundation have contributed $500,000 to the UA System's eVersity startup.

John Tyson is a former trustee.

You might recall a certain amount of friction between the UA System and Board and the Fayetteville campus over on-line education, with UA-Fayetteville recently ramping up its promotion of its own on-line offerings.

UPDATE: Coleman reports an extensive report by UAMS Chancellor Dan Rahn on financial matters.

Obamacare has helped the University Hospital. Charity care is way down and overall the hospital has a $4 million positive margin for the year. But the hospital can't pay for the medical school and the rest of a major research institution, Rahn said. UAMS will be asking the legislature for support of the medical school, something it currently isn't receiving. He noted that UAMS can't look to hospital for more profits. It's running at 95 percent occupancy, while other major hospitals have much lower occupancy rates. UAMS needs more money for its academic mission, he said.

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