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The State of the Union: Divided


Reader's Digest Version of the State of the Union address by President Obama and the Arkansas political reaction:.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Things are looking up. Let's help the middle class with tax cuts and build jobs with free community college.


PS BY WAY OF ELABORATION: The GOP derisiveness would go down easier if any had done more than replay the same worn talking points chanted incessantly in tens of millions of TV ads in the fall. If middle class tax credits are bad, why? If community college is bad, why? Why so pessimistic in the face of a decline in budget deficits, growing jobs, falling gas prices, rising markets and a greater concentration of wealth than ever among the "job creators"? (If you must see the cliche-ridden responses, here's a link to Democrat-Gazette roundup, but subscription required. I think my three-word summary is precise.)

It's all theater. Obama will try, but the Republican Congress will just say no.

PS — Have you seen the story about how the Republicans' Spanish-language translation of their response fudged the facts? Made it sound like they supported immigration legislation? Busted.

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