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Tom Cotton for president in 2016?


David Ramsey — yes, that David Ramsey — lays out a scenario in The New Republic about why new U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton should be considered when discussing darkhorse candidacies for president in 2016. He is, after all, an avowed young man in a hurry. Sure, he has some negatives.

But Cotton would scramble a GOP primary in unpredictable ways. Stylistically he would be an elite/establishment Republican; he would bow to no one in military enthusiasm and dedication to Tea Party economics; he would pass muster with religious conservatives. If he were to captivate the foreign policy hardliners and the anti-food stamp spendthrifts, and woo Republican kingmakers to help him in the invisible primary, he might peel off moderates who smell a winner.

A Cotton run would ignite two big questions. Will the GOP remain a party of bellicose hawks? And is the party ready to put a candidate who fully champions Tea Party domestic policies on top of the ticket? He may be a long shot to run in 2016, but an eventual run for higher office seems inevitable. He has been training for the role of picture-perfect conservative. If GOP voters decide to turn to the bench early, they may start clamoring for young Tom Cotton. 

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