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House scorecard on committee chairs


AND SO IT BEGINS: In the House chamber today. - BRIAN CHILSON
  • Brian Chilson
  • AND SO IT BEGINS: In the House chamber today.

The formal ascension of Rep. Jeremy Gillam to House speaker allowed him to make committee chairmanship appointments today.

You can see the membership and leadership of the important standing committees here.

Democratic Rep. Joe Jett will chair Revenue and Taxation. Democratic numbers are so small that a chairmanship doesn't carry the same clout it normally could, but there's still some influence in the position. Rep. Bruce Cozart, a Republican, will chair the Education Committee, where Democrats managed to nab 10 of the 21 seats. It takes 11 votes to move a bill out of committee and that's a number sometimes hard to muster when roll calls are demanded.

Three other Democrats landed chairmanships — Rep. George McGill was tapped to chair Aging, Children and Youth, Military and Legislative Affairs;  Rep. Betty Overbey will chair City, County and Local Affairs, and Rep. John Vines at House Rules.

I note that Republican Rep. Nate Bell landed chairmanship of State Agencies and Governmental Affairs. That's the committee that controls proposed constitutional amendments. Bell has some ideas undoubtedly, though his main pet project is to join a movement for a U.S. constitutional convention.

Here's the membership and leadership of select committees.

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