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Henderson State faces embarrassing audit on misspending


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Stephens Media rounds up an embarrassing appearance by Henderson State University before a legislative audit panel over findings of rampant improprieties in a campus center that helped students who speak English as a second language and teachers of such students. The leadership is now gone.

The audit outlines almost $100,000 in improper or questionable expenses. Travel expenses were found to be improper. Much more was questioned on purchase of equipment that appeared unrelated to the campus center but used in a private business operated by the spouse of the center director. The school also paid to buy books, CDs and other materials from the director's family.

A prosecutor is reviewing the case.

Good. Conversion of public money to private use is not always resolved by loss of job and refund of money.  Sometimes criminal penalties for theft are appropriate.

The audit details epic purchases of video equipment and other goods large and small, from paper clips and batteries to olive oil.

Here's the full audit report for your reading pleasure.


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