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Mayor Stodola defends city employee insurance plan


Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola today distributed a copy of a letter he'd sent to Jarred McCauley, president of the Little Rock Fraternal Order of the Police, defending the city's decision to switch employee insurance coverage to the Arkansas Municipal League's self-insurance program from Qual Choice.

Stodola said city employees got comparable or better coverage for less cost than Qual Choice offered, saving the city $1 million. He also disputed McCauley's earlier criticism that Stodola had a conflict of interest in the matter because he's president of the Arkansas Municipal League, the lobby for Arkansas city governments.

Stodola noted that he's unpaid as a League officer. He also said that, while he'd encourage the City Board to look at insurance options for saving money, the board chose the insurance provider.

Here's the mayor's letter.

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