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Gun raffle to help Arkansas Baptist High students facing tragedy



For the second time in recent weeks, I've been sent a note about an Arkansas school raising money with a fund-raiser featuring a firearm.

The latest comes from the Arkansas Baptist High School, where Sen. David Sanders is development director. Their raffle, which started last Friday, included a Glock 9mm and a concealed carry class. Earlier, I got a note about eight guns being auctioned at Harding Academy's silent auction. The guns were not at school for the auction, but on display at a local pawnship.

The funds raised at Arkansas Baptist, as you can see, will help pay tuition for students whose families are struck by "tragedy or an unforeseen economic calamity."

I have only one comment: What's a Baptist school doing holding a raffle?

PS — Some missed my wry point. I posted this because some parents aren't happy about using a school setting to sell guns and sent the notice to me. I figured most readers would get that point without emphasis from me. I chose to be funny by focusing on traditionally anti-gambling Baptists using a gambling game to raise money for their church school. All clear? Over on our Facebook page, you can see from comments that the usual gun nuts are out in force at the very mention here of a gun auction. Such a sensitive bunch for a crowd so well-armed.

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