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Democrats make big ad buy to help Mark Pryor



Talking Points Memo reports
on a multi-million-dollar Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee TV buy to help keep Sen. Mark Pryor in office. It's an attack on Tom Cotton's voting record. It's accurate.

Well, I guess you could quibble with one thing. One person in the ad says Cotton is not being honest with Arkansas. He's been dishonest in many ads, it's true: See multiple pants-on-fire ratings by national fact-checking organizations. But, in another sense, he is brutally honest and his votes prove it. He wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare and wreck Medicaid.. He does want to strangle government programs — from farm aid to food stamps to medical research. He does want to slash taxes on richest Americans. In moments of candor, dating to his college days, he makes these philosophical beliefs quite clear. At times, he even defends himself as someone unafraid to do "right" — meaning right as Tom Cotton sees it. He brags about his intellectual superiority.

For the millionth time: This is an easy choice. Dramatically lower taxes for the wealthy, dramatically reduced government services, some painful dislocation for poor states that have been net importers of federal tax dollars? Tom Cotton is your man. A more populist view of government and an affection for its safety net and stimulus-producing spending, with, yes, a higher overall tax bill? Stick with Mark Pryor.

A few million more dollars in TV time with a week to go? I honestly don't know if people are tuning in.

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