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Cotton's PAC spending in state legislative races


A new PAC registered in Arkansas a week ago, Oct. 21, to contribute to state races. It's Rangers Lead the Way, Tom Cotton's so-called federal leadership PACand its registered agent is state Rep. John Burris, a campaign employee of Cotton. Bradley T. Crate of Beverly, Mass., is the chief financial officer.

A search of on-line filings using the hit-or-miss secretary of state's search tool shows it has given $350 each to three Republican candidates for House — Rep. Charlie Collins, Jack Ladyman and Karilyn Brown. Republican Stacy Hurst's latest report shows a $2,000 contribution from the PAC.

Crate, by the way is CEO of Red Curve Solutions, which touts itself as handling financial management for election campaigns. He was deputy chief financial officer for the 2008 Romney presidential campaign. He popped up in previous reporting about Romney machinations to get around campaign finance limits.

You'll see from Open Secrets chart above that top contributors to the PAC, which has raised $28,000 in 2014, includes, of course, the Koch empire. Plus McKinsey and Co., the global consulting firm that gets a huge chunk of business in Arkansas as a consultant on health care issues and once employed Tom Cotton.

Things go better with Koch. Right, Ms. Hurst.

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