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Common Cause reviews swing states for voting improvements


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Common Cause has issued a report on how several swing states, including Arkansas, have done in implementing recommendations by the Presidential Commission on Elections to improve issues that caused 2012 voting problems.

Many states have not removed impediments to voting or circumstances that created long lines. Some made voting more difficult (Arkansas adopted a voter ID law, recently struck down in court). But there have been improvements, if not enough.

At the link, on page 39, you'll find the Arkansas-specific assessment. The leading unsatisfactory ranking comes in an absence of on-line voter registration. The state also failed to expand interstate exchanges of voter information. (Think Leslie Rutledge, who once voted absentee in Arkansas after registering in another state.) Arkansas also has no post-audit requirement for election machines. (Nor, I might add, did the secretary of state make any effort do doing anything in his four-year term about moving to systematically do something about outdated and failing and inadequate machinery.)


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