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Obamacare is working


Evidence mounts of the many successes of the Affordable Care Act. It's ironic in a state where elections down to county courthouses have been nationalized on the evils of President Obama and his health law.

Here's the New York Times with a major assessment of the law. Summary:

After a year fully in place, the Affordable Care Act has largely succeeded in delivering on President Obama’s main promises, an analysis by a team of reporters and data researchers shows. But it has also fallen short in some ways and given rise to a powerful conservative backlash.

Some of the shortcomings include that the number of uninsured has not dropped as much as hoped. That is due in part to many states' failure to take advantage of Medicaid expansion. States that did, such as Arkansas, have dramatically reduced the number of uninsured. Arkansas Republican candidates would like to reverse that by ending Obamacare. Go figure.

The private option Medicaid expansion in Arkansas should survive, even with a Republican governor, because the money is critical to state government operation. That doesn't mean it will. A couple of contested Senate elections in Northeast Arkansas, if won by Tea Party challengers, could build such a solid anti-private option claque in the Senate that legislative reapproval could be in doubt.

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