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KUAR pledge drive reminder: Friday morning, be there


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Rosi Smith of Arkansas Children's Hospital and I will be on KUAR at 6:30 a.m. Friday to open the final day of public radio's pledge drive.

Same old same old. You can contribute online. Or you can call 569-8485 or 1-800-952-2528.

As ever, I'll kick in an additional $10 to those who mention the Arkansas Blog (and the rarely-paid $25 for self-identified Republican Arkansas Blog readers).

Rosi and I are wrapping up 20 years of fund-raising for KUAR with tomorrow's session. We're passing the fund-raising torch to a new generation of beggars. We'd love to get 50 or so Blog matching pledges against the usual 30 or 35 to go out with a bang.

Also: posting may be slight in the morning because I'll be on the radio.

UPDATE: Thanks to all. We raised, $15,300, a bit over our goal for the morning, with roughly 35 blog pledges, including several charitable Republicans. 


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