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Is the fourth time a try for Asa Hutchinson?


The National Journal, not for the first time, offers a fawning hagiography of a GOP candidate for statewide office in Arkansas, this time Asa Hutchinson. Hutchinson is up in the polls and acting like the front-runner. Mike Ross is a solid candidate but perhaps Democrats need something more than a solid candidate to win statewide these days.

Meanwhile, Hutchinson, running as the generic Republican, has improved as a candidate after three failed bids for statewide office, as Jay Barth tells NJ:

Jay Barth, chair of the politics department at Hendrix College, thinks there's been a noticeable shift in Hutchinson's approach since his last race in 2006, when he lost to Democratic state Attorney General Mike Beebe, who is term-limited as governor.

"He was a little bit harder-edged guy, a little more obviously ideological than he has been in this race," Barth said.

Asa the smilin' triangulater, asserting his transparent flip flops with blithe confidence. Point out the b.s. and it slides right off. Who'd have thought? He's gotten slick.

Oft-quoted GOP strategist Clint Reed jokes to NJ that Hutchinson has a "few more gray hairs these days." However, I note, gently, that Hutchinson appears to have some nostalgia for the hair of his youth based on the picture used for his website: 


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