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Trolls gotta troll: Dinesh D'Souza compares President Obama's late father to the Ebola virus



Hey look, it's Monday and Dinesh D'Souza did something incomprehensible and awful! 

There is a subset of right-wing fantasists who seem to have dropped LSD into their Tea Party, and have an unending appetite for conspiratorial narratives, the more sinister and complicated and colorful the better. For these paranoid diehards, there is no better source than Fox News favorite D'Souza, the author and filmmaker who has popularized (well, that's a stretch) the theory that Obama is secretly enacting, from the White House, his late Kenyan father's anti-colonial plot against America. This theory makes no sense UNLESS YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. I assumed D'Souza was a smart guy playing dumb for money, but then he pled guilty to felony charges of violating federal campaign finance law via a scheme that makes the criminals in Fargo look like whiz kids. So who knows. I believe felons should be allowed to vote, but admit that it's kind of funny that D'Souza can't. 

Anyways, this morning D'Souza tweeted the above. Oh, the jokes that make the rounds on right-wing Twitter: what's worse, Ebola or Obama's dad? I mean it's funny because it's true, AM I RIGHT? And I mean, EBOLA and OBOLA, it's like they sound the same, who can resist, AM I RIGHT? D'Souza linked to the picture below. Classy. 

On the one hand, I'm feeding the beast here. D'Souza is an ass who seems to be animated by the same trollish spirit that inspires hackers to threaten to pose nude pictures of celebrities. For D'Souza, the rush comes when liberals, or really thinking people of any ideological persuasion, point out that he's an ass. This is, to me, a depressing way to go about life, but there you have it. I'm giving him what he wants here, I get that. On the other hand, I think if one steps back to admire the performance art here, you have to admit: lots of people do dumb stuff. D'Souza gets really creative and out-dumbs them all.  


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