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Former prosecutor gets day in court on harassment charge; 'slap on wrist' neighbor says


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An update this morning from Dwight Brown, written about by Mara Leveritt Sept. 11 concerning his 10 years of  difficulties in dealing with dogs owned by then-Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Michael Ladd of Wynne.

Leveritt wrote generally about the difficulty of making complaints about prosecutors, including Brown's specific difficulty in getting someone to hear his complaint about Ladd's free-running dogs. 

Brown installed a video surveillance system at his home, hoping to gather evidence of the dogs' running free. Last year, he got city officials to issue Ladd a citation regarding his dogs. After that, Brown said, on Aug. 13, 2013, a car containing three men pulled into his driveway at 12:53 a.m. "They were honking and cussing," Brown said, and when his wife opened the door, one man yelled, "You die!"

According to Brown, video from that night shows Michael Ladd, his brother, and an unidentified man in the car. The video reportedly also captured the moment when Ladd's brother "got out of the car and mooned us."

Brown finally hired a lawyer, filed a complaint with a district court and ultimately got a special prosecutor appointed who filed a harassment charge against Ladd and a brother after a State Police investigation.

Brown said in the article:

"I knew if anything came of it, it would just be a slap on the hand," he said, "but something needed to be done."

Brown reports to Leveritt on the Ladds' day in court yesterday. He said they pleaded no contest before District Judge Jim Rhodes. In a plea agreement tentatively approved by Rhodes, the charges  would be dismissed if they stay out of trouble for six months. A do-not contact order with Brown would be in effect for a year.

Brown comments:

Slap on the hand is basically what they got.

As Leveritt article noted, however, Ladd resigned early this month as a deputy prosecutor. The special prosecutor is also continuing his investigation.

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