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Think Progress: Arkansas has worst Voter ID law


Think Progress has an extensive report on some of the worst — though not all — flaws in Arkansas's new Voter ID law, which it calls the worst in the U.S.

The flawed procedure on ID for absentee voters, one of the few in the country and the most stringent, is a chief stumbling block, along with difficulties for older people to obtain alternative ID. It led to a high disqualification rate in the recent primary. Unmentioned is the haphazard application of the law and the illegal use of the law at the polls to challenge voters based on addresses and birthdates on photo IDs, which isn't supposed to be allowed.

Even a Republican election commissioner who's been among the noisiest advocates of Voter ID, Stu Soffer, concedes the law needs corrections. Sen. Bryan King, the bullying sponsor of the law, declined requests for interviews.

To be judged the "worst" by Think Progress might be, in the eyes of Bryan King and others who designed such laws as a suppression tool, an endorsement.

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