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Republican candidates for attorney general scoff at independent judiciary


Roby Brock talked today with the three Republican candidates for attorney general. None would distance him or herself from the notion of the legislature impeaching a judge, such as Chris Piazza, for a decision with which they disagree.

They also claim they'd follow the rule of the law. They nonetheless don't seem to mind much if the legislature does not.

Leslie Rutledge:

I would caution the Legislature not to overstep, but at the same time if they feel this is the judge overstepping, then they should look to impeachment and I would work with them.

David Sterling: 

We have a system of checks and balances in place in our constitution and to the extent that the Legislature wants to check the Judiciary, I think that’s appropriate, Just like Judge Piazza checked the Legislature in issuing that opinion. So I don’t think it’s inappropriate for them to consider that.

Patricia Nation:

“I don’t think the impeachment process would go anywhere, but I certainly agree with the fact that overruling an act passed by Arkansas citizens overwhelmingly is certainly something that I highly disagree with.”

The appropriate answer for a candidate who disagree with the ruling:

I disagree. I'd fight it to the highest court. That's where legal disputes are decided, not by impeaching every judge who issues a ruling with which we disagree.

More and more, the posture of the modern Republican Party and its candidates, including those hoping to be the state's top lawyer, recall 1957, Orval Faubus and legislative enactments throughout the South, including a Biblical basis for resistance.

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