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Attorney general asks Supreme Court a different way for a stay


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Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, delivering on his promise to the Religious Right to fight defend laws it supports, has filed another pleading with the Arkansas Supreme Court to stay Judge Chris Piazza's ruling that the state ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Here, McDaniel is saying he's happy for the case to go back to Piazza for completion and a hearing on injunctive relief and possible correction of omission of mention of a state that also refers to marriage licenses as only an opposite-sex process. Normally, the Supreme Court doesn't intervene in a case until a final order is issued. McDaniel is fine with that, just so long as the Supreme Court stays implementation. Too much confusion. Too much has been made of the confusion. The harm to the state is nil. The harm to those potentially at risk of seeing marriage licenses voided in the future is mostly bother.

But McDaniel promised the Family Council he'd litigate proponents of marriage equality to the bitter end and he's following through.

Here's his latest filing.
No word from Supreme Court on when a ruling can be expected.

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