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RedState blogger raps Tom Cotton over campaign manager work in Nebraska


Division in the Republican Party ranks is, in many ways, a sign of vibrancy in the party. But it creates nastiness at times, such as here, where a prominent conservative blogger is jumping Republican Rep. Tom Cotton for his campaign manager's activities in a Nebraska Senate race.

One headline from Erick Erickson of RedState (admittedly, one of the more repugnant in the GOP blogosphere)

Does Tom Cotton Want Democrats to Win?

The item goes on to say that Cotton campaign manager Justin Brasell has placed $100,000 in campaign advertising to attack Ben Sasse, apparently favored by Erickson, who says Sasse has support of major conservative groups such as the Club for Growth, Tom Cotton's biggest source of support.

Does Tom Cotton want the Democrats to win? If not, is he cool with his campaign manager attacking a Republican just as he is headed into a general election against the Democrats?

Erickson explains the byzantine ways of Republican infighting in this post. Brasell is tied to Mitch McConnell, who's backing a candidate that Erickson thinks can't win. But the ads, in his view, soften up Sasse for a fall race against a Democrat.

Shouldn't Tom Cotton be ashamed? Doubtful.

We've seen this develop in Arkansas before. Republicans are shocked when they find political consultants work for candidates with opposing viewpoints. I'm not. Consultants gotta make a living. Candidates are entitled to hire consultants. There's hypocrisy aplenty by the candidates themselves without worrying about their mouthpieces.

Take Tom Cotton. Please.

His campaign continues to be a single-minded devotion to the evils of Obamacare and his intention to kill it.

Meanwhile, one of HIS paid campaign workers is Rep. John Burris, the architect of the implementation of Obamacare's expansion of Medicaid in Arkansas. Burris is currently lying his way through a Senate primary by claiming the private option isn't Obamacare. He's wrong. It's simple: No Obamacare, no private option. I I'm glad Republicans like Burris — including Sanders, Dismang, Baird, Carter, Lea, Holland, etc. — did what they did. It was the only way to get Obamacare implemented in Arkansas and I'll accept the downsides of their privatized version in return for a bounty of federal money and help for hundreds of thousands of Arkansans. But not Obamacare? Pants are on fire, boys and girls.

Aside to John Burris: Look out for long knives. A correspondent thinks somebody should make something of your high rate of expense reimbursement for travel to legislative meetings while owning a house in Little Rock. That's nothing compared to some of the stuff coming in on some other Republican legislative candidates. As I said, competition is a sign of a vibrant party, but it comes with some nastiness.

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