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Democratic Party attacks Republican hit on GOP candidate


KEN YANG: Offends Democrats.
  • KEN YANG: Offends Democrats.
The Arkansas Democratic Party has denounced Ken Yang, a Republican candidate for state auditor, for circulating a flyer that includes an unflattering photo of his opponent, state Rep. Andrea Lea. Demeaning to women, it says.

 A few days ago, a mailer was sent out touting GOP Auditor candidate Ken Yang with a picture of his opponent, Rep. Andrea Lea, lying on the floor of the Capitol with men standing all around her. The mailer calls Rep. Lea out for “clowning around on the job,” while touts Ken Yang as “a serious candidate.”

“This mailer is appalling and offensive. The GOP continues to alienate women with these sorts of degrading political moves,” said Candace Martin, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Arkansas. “This is an example of the GOP launching cheap political attacks disregarding the fact that they are inherently offensive toward women.”

The photo has a recumbent Lea striking a pose for a photographer. Her supporters say she'd fallen on the marble steps and had tried to make light of a bad situation.  His flyer has prompted quite a bit of social media criticism from Lea's supporters.

The Democrats also have a woman running for state auditor, Regina Stewart Hampton.

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