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Shades of beige: Washington Post profiles Mark Pryor


The Washington Post has a long profile up on Sen. Mark Pryor and his race against Republican Tom Cotton. The home page headlines it "Mark Pryor’s 50 shades of beige." The article depicts a reserved, low-key politician without crusades or stories endeavoring to place himself squarely in the middle and out side the Obama-led portion of the Democratic Party. Hardly a Democrat at all, in fact.

In fact, he avoids ties to the Democratic Party almost entirely, the article notes.

In public, Pryor rarely mentions that he’s a Democrat. In private, he is so loathe to be identified with his party that he dodged a question about whether—if re-elected—he would perform a most basic duty of a Senate Democrat. That would be to support Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.)to be Senate Majority Leader for another term.

“I have not talked to Harry Reid. I don’t know if he’s going to run for leader again,” Pryor said.

Okay, fine, but he’d support some Democrat, right? “Yeah, well. Yeah, maybe,” Pryor said.

Maybe? That's the kind of thing that drives Democrats crazy. If not crazy enough to vote for Odd Tom. But Pryor's message is clear. He's bipartisan. Everyone needs to be on the same team, not red teams and blue teams.

If he could wave a magic wand, Pryor said he had no major initiative he'd propose. He'd change Senate process. 

Republican Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, whose father was defeated by Pryor, makes a slightly odd appearance. He relates an anecdote wholly favorable to Pryor — about his telephone call about the illness of Hutchinson's son. Hutchinson quote:

“I want to make sure that you get in there that I’m supporting his opponent, before you say anything nice about him.” 

The video describes this as maybe the most important Senate race in the U.S.

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