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Polls: Hating on Obamacare still works


Talking Points memo reports on polling in southern states that shows why Republicans are not likely to retreat from using Obamacare as a campaign hammer, no matter how many have signed up and no matter how much the national mood has changed on the value of the program. It FIRES up the base. Counter-factual evidence aside, the polls say:

Republican voters still believe that the law's rollout was completely botched, they are going to vote for Republican candidates and they say they are definitely going to vote.

It fits with previous public polling as well as the perception of the national landscape from Democratic strategists: Republicans can't abandon Obamacare entirely because it motivates the base unlike any other issue. And it appears that the conservative echo chamber remains convinced of the law's failure — despite the indications to the contrary.

Since Arkansas is second to none when it comes to revulsion to President Obama and polls showing a Republican-identification lean to the electorate, get your earplugs and be leery of your mailbox. You're going to see black men and the words "Obamacare" accompanied by ominous music and the pained expressions of real Americans a lot more before November.

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