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Southern Poverty Law Center targets writing by Star City teacher


The Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Watch webpage has posted an article about the writings of Philip Holthoff, a Star City social studies teacher. It accuses him of racist remarks, written under a pseudonym, on Stormfront, described as a hotbed of white supremacist views.

The prolific writing reportedly includes comments on interracial dating, black students' response to Barack Obama's election and more incendiary remarks.

I"ve sent Holthoff and the district superintendent notes asking for comment. The article is worth a review.

Hate Watch wrote:

Mike Walker, the principal at Star City High School, told Hatewatch he had “no clue” about Holthoff’s racist activities. Dr. Richard Montgomery, the school district’s superintendent, told Hatewatch, “The school district does not advocate hating anyone.” For his part, Holthoff told Hatewatch, after being advised that his racist postings would be reported on, “That’s fine. Go for it.” He added, “I’m not talking to you. I have nothing to say.”

Facebook traffic on various pages indicates there may have been a local reaction to the article, but I can't pin it down as yet.

UPDATE: Still no response from the parties, but I note Holhotff apparently has taken down his Facebook page.

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