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Harding student: Tired of hiding


Tired of hiding: Shaun Melady.
  • Tired of hiding: Shaun Melady.
Shaun Melady, a student at Harding University, writes in the Advocate online magazine that "I am a 22-year-old gay guy at a Christian college and I am tired of hiding."

I am fed up with the worry, angst, and fear about what other “Christians” are going to think. I am sick of the judgmental glares that come my way when I walk through the halls. I am tired of thinking in a worrisome manner about what the next words should be that come out of my mouth because I don’t want the “people of God” to think that I am some kind of grotesque being.

Melady thus becomes the latest in a long line of gay Harding University students who find the form of Christianity practiced there — one that does not hold with queers — unwelcoming. Did they expect something else from a school that explicitly forbids even heterosexual conjugations on campus because they are "unacceptable to God"? 

Harding may have to change the wording in its handbook once gay marriage is legalized in Arkansas. The handbook seems to say only that sex before marriage is wrong. 

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