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Isn't that just like a girl to cry about torture


Michael Hayden, old, white and the former head of the CIA and the National Security Agency tells Fox News (who else?) that Dianne Feinstein just got too darned emotional about all those secret detention places and "enhanced interrogation techniques" our CIA uses.

Dames. They just can't take a little water-boarding! And CIA record destruction! And lying to the American people. They just become unbalanced, or as Hayden would have it, fall victim to "deep, emotional feeling" that blinds them to objectivity. 

NPR had a terrific interview on Feinstein v. CIA three days ago. Here's Feinstein's statement to the Senate on the CIA obstruction referred to in the NPR report.

Let's hope that when the investigative report on the CIA is released to the public, all the "emotional" bits haven't be redacted.

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