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Americans for Prosperity goes after Mike Ross pre-k plan



You'll never believe this, but Americans for Prosperity Arkansas doesn't like Mike Ross's proposal to expand access to pre-k for Arkansas kids, and they're trotting out misleading arguments to bash it! Behold above the most cynical argument known to man. AFP Arkansas Director Jason Cline says that a plan to offer increased access to high-quality early childhood education attack on parents. Mike Ross wants to take the babies away! 

Never mind that a wealth of research suggests that high-quality early childhood education can have an outsized impact on kids' futures, particularly low-income children. Cline's implication here is that pre-k somehow pulls their kids away from unwilling parents. In fact, an expansion of pre-k access would give parents options for their kids' education. Parents who prefer to keep their kids at home can do so. But many parents are desperate for pre-k programs for their kids, because they believe that these programs can be hugely beneficial for their children, both now and for years to come. Does Cline think those Arkansas parents are a problem?

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