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The Mega Millions open line; maybe the Highway Department should buy a lottery ticket


The line is open. In keeping with custom, I always invest in a single lottery ticket whenever one of the big jackpots offers a $100-million-plus after-tax payoff, like tonight's $400 million Mega Millions prize. See you in Rio. Otherwise:


* $3 MILLION LOTTERY WINNER:  Miranda Huffman of Lepanto bought a $3 million winning ticket at a local convenience store last week. She matched all five numbers on a Mega Millions ticket, but not the Megaball. Because she paid $1 extra, it multiplied her winnings by three.

* ALARM SOUNDED ON HIGHWAY MONEY: The state Highway and Transportation Department has written Arkansas congressmen to say that action is needed to shore up the highway trust fund. The depletion of the money distributed to states has already prompted the state not to bid 10 projects worth some $60 million in the April bid letting.
Here's Highway Director Scott Bennett's letter.
The link to the letter includes charts detailing the erosion of federal support and a list of the projects delayed.

* GOOD COPS: The LRPD distributed a letter recommending a commendation for two policeman who provided a grace note to a very bad day for a Little Rock family. First, the family's home was burglarized (a TV was stolen) while a 13-year-old child was home sick. When his mother came home to take him to a relative's house, she was in a car wreck that sent both of them to the hospital, with a home and broken-in door unattended. Police officers Brian Healy and Chance Ketzscher bought hardware to fix the damage, did the repair work and then locked and secured the house.  Here's the report.

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