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Democratic Party hits Asa Hutchinson's instant move to lobby



The Arkansas Democratic Party has a new video reminding voters of Republican Asa Hutchinson's move straight from a Homeland Security post into a D.C. lobbying job and his disconnection from Arkansas at the time. Republicans will point to Democratic opponent Mike Ross, who left Congress for a government relations job with the Southwest Power Pool, which is, at least, Arkansas-based.

The ad reminded me of Hutchinson's high-flying days trading on his Bush administration ties. Did you ever wonder whatever happened to that penny stock play in which Hutchinson turned $2,800 and "sweat equity" — read insider contacts — into a $1 million holding, Fortress America Acquisition Corp.? It was an issue in his losing 2006 race for governor because he, oops, failed to disclose that holding on initial reporting forms. 

Here's Hutchinson's latest disclosure of financial interests. They are wide-ranging.
Fortress America, the controversial 2006 deal, isn't on the list. It's been acquired by another company. Hutchinson apparently unloaded the stock in 2010, about 90,000 shares worth at prices ranging from $.95 to $1.82, a good bit less than the top of the market, but still a nice return on his "sweat."

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