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Coattails: Anybody have any?


Bill Clinton has sent a fund-raising appeal for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross. He remembers that a young Ross was a driver for him in his comeback 1982 gubernatorial campaign. His plug, in part:

In Congress, Mike fought against Republican attempts to privatize Social Security and Medicare, and he consistently voted to raise the minimum wage.

Mike is also a staunch supporter of our public school system. He and his children went to school here in Arkansas and he comes from a family of public school educators.

Take it from someone who knows a thing or two about being governor of Arkansas: Mike Ross will be a great one — he'll fight for more jobs and better schools, and for women and seniors. He'll be a governor every Arkansas family can depend on.

Good for Ross? Gov. Mike Beebe has endorsed him on TV, too. But Beebe didn't help a Democratic candidate for Senate over the finish line in Jonesboro recently.

The Republicans have a ready response to any such endorsement. They link it to the hated black man from Kenya who's usurped the Oval Office. Bill Clinton has endorsed the Affordable Care Act, ergo Mike Ross has, with a few degrees of separation, endorsed Obama and his evil plot to provide health insurance for more Americans. And if that's not enough, they can always work in a picture of the castration-crazy bitch from gaytown, Nancy Pelosi to smear Ross.

Same thing in the race for U.S. Senate race. Is Tom Cotton running against Barack Obama? You'd think so. But, no, it's just hound dog nice Mark Pryor.

How come Pryor won't invite the president to visit Arkansas? That's a favorite social media chorus from the Cottonheads. Huh? Why not Mark? Huh?

There's nothing for it but to play a little turnabout. When are Asa! and Tom Cotton to bring New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the vengeful bully of the Hudson River Valley, to Arkansas? No other Republican in the country seems to want the 2016 presidential candidate to pay THEM a visit. Why not Arkansas? Huh? Huh?

Gee. This election year has just begun and it's already getting tiresome.

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