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Tom Cotton, in with extremists, as usual, on House budget talks


The Washington Post reports that Rep. Tom Cotton fought House Speaker John Boehner's plan to tie a vote on raising the debt ceiling to restoring some cuts in military pensions.

Yes, that's right. Cotton, who's been demagoguing military pensions, even as opponent Sen. Mark Pryor has been working successfully on the Senate side to fix the pension issue, didn't want to have to vote on raising the debt ceiling and so didn't want a fix in the pensions attached. It looks like there will now be a "clean" vote tonight  on an increase in the ceiling. Cotton will presumably vote against it, no matter how much good it does for Arkansas.

The Pryor campaign put it this way:

As the report makes clear, Cotton is so committed to defaulting on our nation's bills that he would have voted against restoring benefits for veterans, and demanded instead that he not be forced to take that vote because it would hurt his U.S. Senate bid.

It's a stunning display of Congressman Cotton's raw political ambitions..

Nearly three dozen Republcians joined most Democrats to pass the debt ceiling increase. Tom Cotton, as expected, voted no. It's all Obama's fault, as usual. All Atk. Repubs voted against paying the government's bills. 

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