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Do a good deed: Buy some Girl Scout cookies


My friend Sybil Hampton — one of a cadre of readers who keep me supplied with ideas from around the web and world — passed along a link to an an article in The Nation that's worth sharing.

In it, John Nichols explains why he'll be buying some Girl Scout cookies this year and why it's a worthy cause. You'd think it was apple pie stuff, but some right-wingers are taking after the Girl Scouts. It boils down, in part, to the fact that somebody at the Girl Scouts once said something nice about Wendy Davis. There is much to recommend Wendy Davis, but to the Religious Right thou shalt not speak well of anyone who is pro-choice, a political issue on which the Girl Scouts are officially silent.

An organization that works toward the realization of the potential of young women is  threatening to those who believe in the "graciously submit" school of womanhood. The Girl Scouts have associated, for example, with groups that advocate comprehensive sex education. In other words, contraception is included in instruction along with abstinence. That just won't do for some who know that a woman's medical autonomy is essential to personal autonomy.

What's not to like with an organization that is dedicated to:

“Being honest and fair, courageous and strong, using resources wisely, respecting yourself and others, and making the world a better place.”

But oops. The Girls Scouts also say they

“value inclusiveness and do not discriminate or recruit on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, national origin, or physical or developmental disability.”

Buy some cookies.

You don't have to eat them. Drop them off at Stewpot or the Salvation Army.

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