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The open snow line



Snowing your way yet? I'm on the lookout. The line is open. Closeouts:

* ALLEN CANNING SOLD: Arkansas Business has the details on the completion of the bankruptcy auction of the venerable Allens Inc. canning business in Siloam Springs. Sager Creek Acquisition Corp. won the bidding.

* IN DEFENSE OF OBAMACARE: A group attempting to organize support for the Affordable Care Act has distributed a statement by an Arkansas doctor refuting the non-stop invective issued forth by Koch-financed and related interest groups dedicated to overturning Obamacare and defeating Sen. Mark Pryor. It's a rare but pleasant switch from the diatribes:

Dr. Hershey Garner, of Highlands Oncology Group and an Arkansan for Care, stated:

“Considering the source of these attacks, Americans for Prosperity, a group that has long advocated for privatizing Medicare at the expense of our seniors, it’s hardly credible to believe they are acting in the best interest of the health of Arkansans. It’s time to put our energy toward improving the law that has become a lifeline for Arkansas residents without health insurance.”

Sen. Mark Pryor believes no one should be discriminated against because of a disease or injury when buying insurance or denied care because they’ve reached arbitrary lifetime caps on health care - which is exactly what the Affordable Care Act (ACA) bans. And he has been out front in offering avenues to fix the health care law to ensure those who need access to quality, affordable health care can obtain it. He believes we need to fix and improve the law, not repeal it and go back to the days of insurance company abuses. The ACA is already helping more than 100,000 Arkansans who have bought private insurance or have availed themselves of the private option, such as Jennifer Trader, a self-employed Springdale mother of two who was able to was able to get coverage for her family. It is families like the Traders who would again be one accident away from bankruptcy if Rep. Tom Cotton and Americans for Prosperity had their way. The time for rooting for failure is over. Sen. Pryor is working for solutions.”

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