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Arkansas scores well on school funding fairness survey


A new study from the Education Law Center reports reasonably good findings for Arkansas on its study of fairness in school funding.

A summary provided by an education advocate:

* OVERALL FUNDING — Arkansas ranked 30th, up from 41st in 2008.

* FUNDING DISTRIBUTION — This ranks how states spend on children with greater needs. Arkansas ranked 13th, with a B grade, up from C in 2008.

* EFFORT — This is a measure of spending against wealth, measured by gross domestic product. Arkansas got an A, ranked 7th, against 18th and a B in 2008.

* COVERAGE — This is the percentage of children in public vs. private schoos. Arkansas ranked 19th, up from 30th in 2007.

The report doesn't rank outcomes. For all our effort — driven by the important Lakeview decision and the legislature's willingness to obey it — we still lag in most standardized measures.

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