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Domestic battery charge upgraded to homicide after victim dies


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The LRPD has announced that they have upgraded a charge of domestic battery to homicide after a victim they say was shot by his grandson in November died. 

Justin Bledsoe, 25, was charged with first degree domestic battery following an incident on Nov. 2, 2013 at his grandparents' home at 7305 Marcia Drive in Little Rock. According to the incident report in the case, other members of Bledsoe's family told police that they  were asleep when Justin Bledsoe came into the house and began randomly shooting with a semi-automatic handgun. A woman sleeping with a small child was able to shield the child with her body, but was shot four times in the legs. The witness said Justin Bledsoe then went to the other side of the house and shot his grandfather, James Bledsoe, multiple times, then tried to shoot through the walls of a room where his mother was hiding.

Police later recovered two empty semi-auto pistol magazines at the scene. According to the report,. Justin Bledsoe was arrested at the house. When police searched him, they say they found wrapped bags of white powder, a roll of cash, and a folded note which said: "Dear family: well, I guess I have reached the end of the road I was pos to go."  

James Bledsoe was transported to St. Vincent's Hospital, where he died on Jan. 17. After an autopsy, the cause of death was listed as homicide, and Justin Bledsoe was charged with first degree murder yesterday. He is currently being held without bond in the Pulaski County Jail.  

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