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Big cat on the prowl in Hillcrest


CITY DWELLER: Seen anything like this in Hillcrest?
  • CITY DWELLER: Seen anything like this in Hillcrest?
I've seen fox, coon possum, squirrel, chipmunk, coyote and deer in the woods and verges that surround the water treatment plant at Ozark Point near my house. Now comes word of a feline visitor and it's apparently no tabby cat. From neighborhood messages:

Sunday morning ….  spotted something interesting loping across the Water Works lawn: a very large cat — mountain lion, cougar, panther, "painter" — golden in color, about the size of Winnie (our dog), long back legs and thick but not fluffy very long tail. It ran from the south side of the WW property (across the top and into the woods by the ballast on the north side.) ...

Have there been other sightings of wild cats in LR Parks? Blytheville news reported sightings on their golf course, but that's a long way off. Wonder if the habitants of the "tent" above WalMart Neighborhood Market have had interactions...or if their cans are attracting such?

Further notes indicate a firm belief it's a mountain lion, based on web photos. (Venturing into species identification is mission on which I won't embark.) But the thinking is that the growing herd of deer in our neck of the woods might be attracting the creature. A call's been made to Game and Fish. This last dispatch gave me pause, given my home address and the aging small dog who shares it with me.

...Beautiful creature .... LARGE golden in color, long tail, powerful hind legs, loping fast across and away from us headed into the woods in the direction of Edgerstoune
If anybody snaps a photo, I'd be happy to see it. Which reminds me. Whatever became of the Bobcat of Bayonne, a similar visitor out in an upscale western Little Rock neighborhood?

UPDATE: Big cat sighting also reported by reader from Rockwood Road area, where woods overlook the Arkansas River. Easy gallop for a big cat from there to HIilcrest, with plenty of wilderness to work through.

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