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The armed and dangerous Crimson Tide fan open line



It is so quiet I am reduced to SEC football humor and particularly and it's ongoing sport with Alabama fans. It recently posted the photo above, with extensive commentary, as its Alabama fan photo of the year.

Here's an excerpt from the list of favorite things about the photograph to give you a flavor of author Clay Travis' take on Tide fans:

1. Someone actually thought, you know what would be great, if we put a hand gun on our newborn's chest and took a picture of him in Alabama gear. 

This. Actually. Happened.

…. 3. The Bama fan will say, "It was unloaded, chill out."

Which is exactly what Bama fans all say right before they accidentally shoot each other. 

Razorback fan photos welcome, though it's well known that the average Hog fan brings a higher degree of refinement to their passion than 'Bama boosters.

In other news:

* MILLER COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR ARRESTED: KTAL reports the arrest of Miller County tax collector Melissa Barnes. Theft of collections is alleged.

* I DON'T BUY THIS I'M SORRY TO SAY BUT Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo makes a legal case for his conclusion of a piece about recent court decisions in gay marriage cases and the trending law:

But I see little way to look at the last week and not conclude that gay marriage will be the law of the land in every state in the country in the near future. Probably during the Obama presidency and maybe sooner still.

Mike Huckabee, Jerry Cox and them can raise some money off THAT.

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