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The night after the morning before open line


Sorry to all for lack of activity. The Arkansas Times is closed this week. No excuse for me, but I've been laid low by some sort of respiratory ailment. So I"m turning it over to you. Saw these things:

* FORMER UA PROF KABIN THOMAS A HIT IN HOLLYWOOD: Remember Kabin Thomas, the music professor at Fayetteville who lost his job over his use of salty language in class? A biographical play about him has been well-received in Los Angeles and just got an eight-day extension.

* HUCKABEE AND TOLERANCE: This isn't really news. But the link at Crooks and Liars is useful for future reference when Mike Huckabee claims tolerance toward homosexuals and other minorities. His record is abysmal. Quarintine people with AIDS for example? A hall of shame recitation prompted by his effort to profit off the Duck Dynasty controversy.

* GRAPH OF THE YEAR: WE'RE DYING SOONER: Wonkblog at Washington Post is running its favorite graphs of the year. This one shows how life expectancy of males in the U.S. has been falling behind  the rate in other high-income countries. How can this be in Exceptional America, almost alone among the advanced countries without universal health coverage and the highest cost medical care in the world? Don't you get what you (can afford to) pay for?

* MCDANIEL JUMPS ON TARGET SECURITY BREACH: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said today his office had joined attorney generals in other states investigating the security breach at Target affecting millions of credit card customers. He urged customers to review records for improper charges.

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