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#Republicanhypocrisy in Mark Darr cheating case


FORGIVE AND FORGET: GOP Chair Doyle Webb ready to let bygones be bygones with cheating Republican Darr.
  • FORGIVE AND FORGET: GOP Chair Doyle Webb ready to let bygones be bygones with cheating Republican Darr.
For the uninitiated, the headline above mimics a Twitter "hashtag" by which the pound sign is used to mark recurring themes for ready reference for Twitter followers interested in specific subjects.

Republican hypocrisy would present a lengthy list of examples, the latest in the matter of expense account cheater Lt. Gov. Mark Darr, who's admitted mistakes now before both Legislative Audit and the state Ethics Commission that involve spending thousands of dollars of public and campaign money on illegal personal expenses.

Here's what the Republican Party said Aug. 16 within hours after it became clear Democratic Sen. Paul Bookout was revealed to have converted campaign money to personal use:

“Today’s developments regarding Paul Bookout are shocking, alarming, and greatly disappointing. This represents a very serious breach of the public’s trust. It is sad that this type of behavior is all too common among Arkansas Democrats, who have controlled the state for the last 130 years. We hope that our state’s leaders and the justice system will hold Senator Bookout accountable, just as they have in the cases of Martha Shoffner and Hudson Hallum,” said David Ray, a spokesman for the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Here's what Republican Party Chair Doyle Webb said yesterday in a statement to the Democrat-Gazette after further reporting on Darr's illegal expense account expenditures:

“To my understanding the Lieutenant Governor has apologized, he is taking responsibility, and he intends to solve the problems that he has created in his reporting.”

It is the 1st Commandment of Republican politics. Never speak ill of a fellow Republican, no matter how crooked. You can look at the record and see a decidedly different reaction by Democrats to the Bookout case and that of Martha Shoffner as well.

Given Webb's own shady ethical record, you'd think he'd be more sensitive of all ethical scofflaws, of either party. But, no, only Democrats.


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