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Jackpot daydream open line


The Sunday line is open. Nothing to report except that, following custom, I made a sucker bet today on the Megamillions jackpot. I always buy a dollar's worth of daydreaming whenever a Jackpot reaches a level at which the lump sum payout, after taxes, will clear $100 million. Why waste my money on an infinitesimal chance of winning just chump change.

The payout on the current $550 million Megamillions prize is just under $300 million. That'll leave better than $150 million for my liberal Super PAC after the taxman calls. Coming at you, Tom Cotton.

Speaking of sucker bets: Is the Lottery Commission really going to waste time trying to introduce video bingo or keno into bars and restaurants statewide, thus producing dozens of mini-casinos? It's bad public policy. The religious lobby will go bonkers, too, but not nearly as bonkers as the duopoly casinos at Oaklawn and Southland Parks over new gambling competition.


* BIG NAMES FOR CLEMMER: A reader notes a lineup of familiar Republican political names as hosts on a fund-raiser by state Rep. Ann Clemmer, a Republican candidate for 2nd District Congress. Her primary opponent, Little Rock's French Hill, we'd hope, might be happy NOT to count the likes of Nate Bell among his supporters. It was the least the Hutchinsons could do but support Clemmer in that she bypassed a planned challenge of Sen. Jeremy H. This host list is tailor-made to attract special interest money what with all the non-2nd District sitting legislators on the list.


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