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911 dust, preserved


Dust from WTC firefighter's boot.
  • Dust from WTC firefighter's boot.

William F. Laman Public Library gallery coordinator Debra Wood was packing up the library's exhibit, "Recovery: The World Trade Center Recovery Operation," which closed Dec. 1, yesterday when she discovered something precious: A boot print made from the dust of the World Trade Center. Wood posted this on her Facebook page last night:

Been working on taking the 9/11 exhibit down today. One of the artifacts is a badly damaged boot from an unknown firefighter. When I took it out of the case today, this footprint remained. The dust is from the World Trade Center. While it will have to be cleaned in a week or so, I found it very moving to think that when the exhibit is picked up Friday to head back to New York, a brave firefighter's footprint will stay behind in our library ...

Several readers of the post suggested ways to preserve the print, rather than clean it off the display pedestal. I have a call in to Debra to see what she's come up with. Twelve years have not dulled the pain of 911.

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