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Donovan McNabb claims he did not bully former Razorback Shawn Andrews when they were Philadelphia Eagles teammates


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  • MARTIN: time with Eagles was "living hell"
Donovan McNabb
, the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, said he was "really taken aback" by comments from former Eagles offensive lineman Shawn Andrews, ESPN reports. "That is ridiculous," he told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I don't know what comments you expect to get from me, but that is news to me and completely false. For me to bully anybody, that sounds unbelievable."

Andrews, a Camden native and former All American at the University of Arkansas, first made his accusations on a Philadelphia radio show. Responding the recent controversy over the bullying of Miami Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin by teammate Richie Incognito, Andrews spoke of his own experience with the Eagles and said that he was "disgusted" by how McNabb treated him. He elaborated in an interview with Sync this week:  "Bully is a strong word, but he was degrading to me and spread rumors," Andrews said, including a rumor that Andrews was gay. Andrews said his time with the Eagles "just felt like I was in a living hell."

More from the Sync story:

Andrews isn’t sure why McNabb and others targeted him. He speculates it could have been the way he wore his hair, which at one point was a mohawk with a blond, and later, red, streak in it. Andrews’ demeanor is one of a giant kid — he even had a room in his home dedicated to cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants, another quirk that may not be understood by NFL players. “I really have no idea why,” Andrews says of why he was targeted.

“Some guys, they just find one thing and run with it,” his brother Stacy Andrews says. “Us having a little style and swag, they just ran with that. Big guys don’t usually wear Vans shoes, but we do. They made some comments and snickered about that. They may not like it that you dress a little different.” ...

Andrews says the questioning and rumors became so great among teammates that he waited until everyone was out of the shower before he entered the shower, so as to not raise suspicion that he was looking at others. Either that, or he raced to a shower in the corner where he could face the wall and not be accused of peeping.

“If you want to question someone, I’d see guys in the shower talking face to face,” Andrews says. “If you want to go further, I’ve even seen a teammate piss on another teammate. They think it’s funny. They are having a conversation and the whole time one guy is peeing on him and the other doesn’t even know. This is the stuff that goes on, and I am the one having to defend myself. There were a lot of immature dudes on the team.” 

McNabb, who said he was "more than open to Shawn," responded in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Why would I want to talk bad to others that are out there and then question your sexuality? Does that make sense to you at all? And why is this coming out now? It’s unbelievable. I just talked to a reporter from Philadelphia, and I’m just like, ‘Are you serious? Why don’t you just talk to the rest of the teammates and find out what’s going on.’

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