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Tiger mom, at the LR Zoo


TIGER MOM: Suhana, with her cubs.
  • TIGER MOM: Suhana, with her cubs.

Suhana, a Malayan tiger at the Little Rock Zoo, has give birth to four cubs, the zoo announced today.

The cubs were born early in the morning on Nov. 12, and will likely wean around three to five months. They'll go outside in early spring, weather permitting, zoo spokesman Susan Altrui said in a press release. The zoo reports:

Zoo staff report that mom and cubs are doing well and that all four cubs appear to be growing strong. Staff are monitoring mom and cubs by using video monitoring equipment that allows them to see into the largely dark den located in an indoor area at the tiger habitat. 

Father of the cubs is Liku, a 9-year-old Malayan. Suhana is 5. They are members of an endangered species, with fewer than 500 remaining in the wild. They were introduced to each other earlier this summer at the recommendation of the Species Survival Plan (SSP) in hopes they would produce offspring; the birth of the cubs is considered a significant contribution to conservation of the species.

Wondering what a good cub shower gift would be? The zoo suggests donations to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums SSP (Species Survival Plan) Tiger Conservation Campaign, which works to "highlight the plight of the wild tiger and encourage public support for tiger conservation efforts." Make donations at the website (link above).

The zoo received funds from the 2011 penny sales tax increase to help fund a renovation of the tiger exhibit to allow for breeding.The renovation divided the yard into two separate yards so Suhana could raise her cubs in safety.

Find links to video of Suhana and her cubs here, here, here and here.

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