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Travelers like the LR airport, they really do



In the wake of Travel and Leisure's declaration that Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is the worst in the nation comes a study conducted for the airport that says nay, four out of five passengers are satisfied with the airport, and two of five are very satisfied. 

Phoenix Marketing International interviewed 354 travelers, both coming and going, at the airport the week of Nov. 4. The study results are  here.

Departing passengers aren't crazy about food and retail at the airport; arriving passengers are least satisfied with airport cleanliness. "While there is room for improvement, from our perspective, this level of satisfaction doesn’t create grave concerns," Phoenix vice president David Pluchino is quoted in the airport's news release  today.

The release on the study notes that the airport's $67 million new ticket lobby area and baggage  screening system are just part of improvements under way at the airport. Those include new and renovated bathrooms, charging stations on the concourse, a business work area, new carpeting and so forth. 

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