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The autumn leaves open line


AUTUMN LEAVES: Fort Smith splendor in the gingko. - LYNN WASSON
  • Lynn Wasson
  • AUTUMN LEAVES: Fort Smith splendor in the gingko.

The Monday line is open. Above is a splendid gingko tree in Fort Smith, captured at the peak of color change, by Lynn Wasson. I'm jealous. My favorite tree, a gingko on Hill Road, is lagging behind. Because of a coming trip, I'm afraid I'm going to miss its golden costume and the final disrobing in a carpet of yellow around the trunk. But thanks to Lynn. Otherwise:

* RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE: Polling shows broad support for raising the minimum wage and indexing it to inflation. There's talk of another initiative drive here. With Arkansas at the bottom, it makes sense. You can see that the lowest minimum wage and the toughest anti-union law and the meanest workers comp law and tort reform and a bargain capital gains rate and tax breaks galore for corporations haven't yet rolled prosperity down upon us.

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