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MIA: Doonesbury has a substitute in Democrat-Gazette


A reader complains that the Sunday comics in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette included a "flashback" Doonesbury, a strip that ran several years ago.

The cartoonist doesn't appear to be on vacation.

His website shows a fresh cartoon today

It takes a bit of a whack at Dixie and its view of the president of the United States. Here's a sample:


The kicker is the final panel. It turns out the unhappy father urging his son off to war with the despot in the White House is set in 1861.

Readers got it. Said one who wrote to the Doonesbury website:

Today's strip is a thing of beauty. The South is trying to rise again. The words and attitude of today's strip match the fright wing's continuing assault on 21st century America.

I'm trying to find out if the D-G substitution was an accidental, mechanical or editorial decision. The 1861 strip is posted at the Washington Post website.

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