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Halloween open line: Plus, remember the Alamo?


Trick or treat. The line is open. Finishing up:

* ARKANSAS WRESTLES WITH OBAMACARE/PRIVATE OPTION: Benji Hardy at Arkansas Legislative Digest has a thorough explanation, with some additional reporting, on a legislative meeting yesterday on signup for Medicaid expansion and federal health exchange insurance coverage. It's complicated, it's political and it's really not as bad as you might think if they get the website working. But, of course, you CAN sign up on paper. Remember that Arkansas trails the country in Internet access and the more likely you are to need health insurance, the more likely I'd guess you are to be without web access.

* BODACIOUS TASERING: Alternet gets mighty interested in a federal lawsuit in Little Rock. It's a civil liberties issue, see. It's also about sex. Woman claims a cop in small-town Haskell (Saline County) Tased her because she wouldn't show him her breasts.

* CALLING TIM GRIFFIN: A Koch-owned pipeline leaked 17,000 gallons of oil in Texas this week. Time for Tim to tell Texans not to mess with these job creators. Heck, maybe Little Rock can get some replacement pipe business out of the deal. Think of the stimulus of all the cleanup money being spent in Faulkner County. Bring on the tar sands!

* CALLING DEBBIE PELLEY: Has Arkansas's favorite black helicopter freak moved to San Antonio? You'd think so on news of a conspiracy theory in Texas that the UN might take over the Alamo. Hell. They can have the whole state. I think it's part of the Blueway plan.

* HALLOWEEN RAP: Little Rock rapper 607 has done his traditional Halloween album release and it's provocative. It includes "Kill Crooked Cops," full of topical references to men killed by local police. Rock Candy has the details and a video.

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